I’ve been so lazy to do it, LOL :(

Do you remember johnna's name .? Like real name


I already confirmed her, lmfao :( I asked her did she know what plagiarism is... I only did that because, I knew If i found out somebody was using my fanfic as their work. I would be just as upset as you

Aw, thanks. She hasn’t updated in 5 days so I doubt she’ll probably reply or answer and I think it’s two ppl writing that story.

She doesn't get that many likes anyway and only one person leaves her feedback

I just noticed so idk if I should really trip or not but its still funny, lmao.

Ma'am ... sis ... she just ... *sighs* -____________- man, she copied almost everything ...

Ugh, lmao :(

lol yeah that story does seem to remind you of yours! The author just added difference characters

Same main characters, Johnna and Chris. She changed the crew’s character and Mr Young’s but not their attitudes, *sigh* why do people steal other ppls work? Smh.

This will always be one of my favorite fan fics it was so great .... Do you read beyond the base line fan fic it makes me feel just like how I felt reading this excited and wanting more like a fiend but anyway you should definitely start a sequel

❤ And no, besides it was a stolen ff; LOL. I’m still trying for the sequel though, I’m slowly slacking again :(

Link: Does this ff remind you of mine or is it just me?